How Lee Kuan Yew made me think more pragmatic about the sharing of my ideas

Why I decided to empty my cup in 2021

I have always been hesitant or should I say cautiously reluctant to share specific details, more specifically business ideas that fit within Jamaica’s logistics centred economic framework.

  • Building productive knowledge through joint ventures (JV). Jamaicans can create and add more value to a JV partner and deals than we think. What is that value?
  • Capturing more value from Brand Jamaica and having it land and stick in Jamaica. Leveraging the Jamaican brand to rethink old products and developing new ones.
  • Using outward bound investment to grow and develop your business and by extension Jamaica. This is a bit counterintuitive but different thinking is needed as this time.
  • Why the return of locally manufactured Betty Milk heralded a new age of possibilities for Jamaican manufacturing.
  • Data annotation and the training of artificial intelligence in Jamaica.

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