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The just in time model has made supply chains extremely efficient and is reflective of globalizations spread of production to far flung places in the unrelenting drive for efficiency and cost reduction. However, supply chains are literally and figuratively not static — they move.

Supply chains are currently in crisis…

The Country Director, World Bank Caribbean, Tahseen Sayed, is spot on when she says:

During these challenging times, let us pause and rethink the future opportunities for economic diversification in the Caribbean.

She is inviting us to #RethinktheFuture of the Caribbean. I will take a step further and say let…

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In a logistics centered economy there is a greater need for visibility in the import/export process. Knowing the turnaround time and where in the process your cargo is is of tremendous value to businesses, especially small businesses.

With the introduction of its track and trace service the Jamaica Customs Agency

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Sangster International Airport continues with expansion projects during Covid -19 pandemic

Sangster International Airport (SIA ), Jamaica’s largest and busiest airport nestled in the heart of the nation’s tourism hub Montego Bay, is set to move full steam ahead with expansion and upgrading plans.

This is good news for Jamaica continued transformation into a logistics centred economy. The airport, operated by…

JSEZA logo which supports the logistics hub.

The Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority ( JSEZA) in its special economic zone (SEZ) application process requires applicants’ to submit a variety of documents, come get a better understanding of what those documents are and their role and importance in the JSEZA application process.

Originally published at http://www.commerciallawinternational.com on July 2, 2020.

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